Must-Have Hand Massagers for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Must-Have Hand Massagers for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

There are many reasons why you might be in the market for a hand massager. You may have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or maybe you just want to avoid future problems with these conditions. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of great choices out there for you to choose from when it comes to hand massagers. 

So, how does it work? Well, a hand massager works by using vibrations to relax your hand muscles. Some massaging machines even offer deep tissue percussive therapy and soothe aching muscles beneath the skin. The end goal is that these hand massagers help relieve any hand pain you may be experiencing and help prevent future pain as well.

It can also create a soothing effect since a massage can trigger not just one but four (to be exact) happy hormones. Happy hormones are signalling molecules that are naturally produced by our glands. They are released into our bloodstream, then travel to different areas in our bodies, acting as messengers, and play important roles in pleasurable sensations or satisfaction (hence, the term).

Going into detail, studies say that a massage can induce the increase of the following hormones in the bloodstream: dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. Each works differently, but in general, they work to reduce pain and stress and induce a sense of well-being and relaxation. 

Benefits of a Hand Massager

The following are the top five reasons why you should get a hand massager machine or schedule a hand massage session: 

  1. It can help reduce hand pain.

You can use a hand massage to ease pain in a variety of ways, depending on the cause or origin of hand discomfort. If utilised correctly, they might aid as pain relievers.

Depending on the built and features of the hand massager, pain relief can be achieved using technology, including vibration, heat, and compression. 

  1. It helps improve hand strength and flexibility.

Massaging the hand can help increase grip strength because hand muscles receive better blood circulation – which means your hand muscles always have the fuel to give you a firm grip. In addition, hand massage stimulates the nerves in your hands, which increases hand dexterity and flexibility. 

  1. Massages boost energy levels and boost moods through stimulation/touch therapy. 

Study In Japan, people consider hand massages as a form of rejuvenating therapy for their stimulating properties. A simple hand massage session has been found effective at increasing concentration and performance levels.

Massaged hand muscles send pleasure signals (hormones) to the brain, which boosts mood levels and helps combat depression. 

  1. It stimulates blood circulation.

A massage can help bring nutrients such as oxygen to the tissues of the hands by stimulating the circulation of blood in the area to keep the cells working. It can also speed up their healing process since blood contains white blood cells and other substances that fight infection. 

Worlds Simplest Hand Pain Relief

Gently relieve your hand pain in 15 minutes. The Handology massager is revolutionising the way you relieve your hand pain without medication and in the comfort of your own home.

How Does it Work?

  1. The Handology massager targets the pressure points in your hand with its built-in air compression and nodes to help soothe your entire hand and fingers. (3 Levels of intensity)
  2. Three intensity levels and two heating levels help increase your blood and oxygen circulation to help relieve your numb, stiff, cold, and painful hands.
  3. The Handology massager also features 2 hand-size modes. This allows The Hand Massager to adjust to your hand for a more personalised massage.

Charge it once and you can massage your hands for hours without worrying about cords or outlets.

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